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Welcome to FIT YOUR NESS

No matter how old or young you are you can choose to develop a healthier body that keeps you away from cardiovascular diseases, diabete type II, some cancers.

Your body should reflect the inner image you have of it. Fit Your Ness accompanies you to develop the body that best suits you.

Why Choose Fit Your Ness?

Our Clients become our Friends and we treat them like Family because “Your Goals Become our Goals” and that’s how our Win-Win Relationships work in this partnership.

We are at your side to motivate and encourage you throughout the program.

We make our best to ensure that workouts and nutritional updates take place at the time and the day that suits you best. The presence of a coach at your side allows you to hold your goals without finding false excuses.


Phone : (+33) 06 42 97 23 95

E-mail :

1/ Home coaching :
2/ Holidays places, with a request and a prior payment, according to my planning
3/ Coaching by Skype, with FaceTime or by e-mails : all over the world